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Amazon will spend $200 million on safety technology across its … – About Amazon

Safety is integral to everything we do across our operations at Amazon—every day, in every country, and especially on the road. As we work to deliver for our customers, we continue to innovate and advance safety features in the trucks and vans we deploy, keeping the safety of our partners and communities where we deliver as our top priority.
A challenge as complex as roadway safety requires strong leadership across both the public and private sectors. Amazon has helped lead the way in investments and innovations, and I’m proud to share some highlights of how Amazon is already working toward the goals outlined in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS). The examples below are each part of a $200 million investment in new safety technology, and part of our continuing work to ensure Amazon vehicles and our delivery partners are safe on the road. It’s our belief that the technology we create, along with innovations spearheaded by our industry partners, can raise the bar on safety and reduce crash frequency and severity. And in many cases, these innovations are better for the environment, too.
As we follow through on our ongoing commitment to safety, here are some of the tech-based safety and sustainability solutions we’re continuing to invest in this year:

We’re excited about the progress we’ve made to date and what our continued investments in 2023 will mean as we work to continuously improve in both safety and sustainability. We will continue to invest and invent to ensure our trucks, delivery vans, trailers, and drivers are among the safest on the road.


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