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‘Badboli Bhavna’ Trailer: Can Influencer Marriages Survive The Pressure Of Social Media? – iDiva.com

In the present day and age, social media plays a huge role in relationships. From friendships to marriages, it seeps into people’s daily lives either for the better or the worse. ILN Studios’ short film Badboli Bhavna is an attempt at looking at the effects of social media on couples’ lives.

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Source: YouTube/Amazon miniTV
Bhavna, played by Apoorva Arora, is a social media influencer who is obsessed with increasing her followers. While her partner Sankalp, played by Ankush Bahuguna, shows enthusiasm in the beginning, it eventually starts bothering him. During their courtship and early marriage, Bhavna is still trying to create a name for herself in the social media space. However, as her follower count increases to a million, it takes a hit on their marriage.
Source: Instagram/ankushbahuguna
Since Sankalp had never signed up for Bhavna’s new-found fame and her audience, Bhavna’s growing popularity takes a hit on their relationship. Additionally, Sankalp’s relatives make the matter even worse as they are unable to understand Bhavna’s career choice. The crux of the story – will they be able to navigate these rough waters and find a way to save their marriage? 
ILN’s Rahul Rawat has edited the short film.
Source: Instagram/ankushbahuguna
Created by ILN Studios, the short film will be available on Amazon Mini TV from 5th May onwards. Amazon Mini TV is a new OTT service that is available on the main Amazon shopping app and is free to watch. 
It would be interesting to watch how the film navigates the life behind reels on social media. Bhavna’s character could be an insight into influencers’ personal lives that may not be as rosy as it seems on social media. 
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Social and lead image credit: ILN Studios
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