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Best Apple Watches: Here's The Consensus Top 3 Recommended … – Study Finds

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There’s no question that the best smartwatch for iPhone users is the Apple Watch, but there are many versions on the market. If you’re looking to purchase one for yourself, you may be wondering which is the best Apple Watch for your wrist. To help you choose, we sorted through expert reviews to come away with consensus top three according to the experts.
It may come as no surprise that the most recommended are the most recent releases: Series 8, SE and Ultra. Determining which of these is the best watch for you though will depend on your needs.
Back in May 2022, a study was released concluding that smartwatches could detect a weak heart rhythm and warn the wearer of a potential problem. Dr. Paul Friedman, Chair of the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, says, It is absolutely remarkable that AI transforms a consumer watch ECG signal into a detector of this condition, which would normally require an expensive, sophisticated imaging test, such as an echocardiogram, CT scan or MRI.”
Wearing a fitness tracker can also benefit your health even if you’re not using it for that reason. One study found that simply wearing a smartwatch leads consumers to take more steps throughout their day. Perhaps just seeing the total steps on your watch’s face provides a boost in and of itself.
There are of course countless other reasons to invest in an Apple Watch if you’re an iOS user. So, back to which is the best.  Series 8 sets the standard, SE is entry-level and Ultra is high-end. Most experts rank the Apple Watch Series 8 as the No. 1 choice; however, some take the path less traveled to recommend the Ultra or SE. 
We’re here to sort through all of these reviews so you don’t have to. We scoured 10 of the top tech gear and news websites for the best overall Apple Watches, and here are the results. 
Tom’s Guide ranks the Series 8 at the top, stating, “The Apple Watch 8 is the best Apple Watch yet. What’s new between the Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Series 7 is the skin temperature sensor, which can inform cycle and fertility tracking, as well as sleep tracking. The Series 8 also launched with the long-awaited low power mode, which can extend the latest Apple Watch’s battery life to 36 hours.”  
The researchers at ZDNet have to agree, but they also rave about the crash feature.
“The Apple Watch Series 8 is a big leap forward for the flagship smartwatch. It not only features an updated S8 chip but also two new sensors to detect falls and car accidents. This allows you to use the watch to contact emergency services and emergency contacts when you can’t reach your phone or the OnStar button in your car,” ZDNET writes.
According to The New York Times, “The Apple Watch Series 8 is the model that’s best for most people. With an always-on display, two sizes to choose from, and advanced health and fitness features, it’s great for buyers upgrading from an older Apple Watch or folks who are trying out a smartwatch for the first time.”
The safety features of the Series 8 continually impress reviewers. 
“The Apple Watch Series 8 features an always-on altimeter and a blood oxygen monitor (Sp02), much like the Series 7 did, but this newer model does include Crash Detection and a temperature sensor. The former is a feature that will automatically detect if you’re in a severe car crash,” iMore writes. 
If you’re still not sure about the Series 8, here’s one more positive review.
Active loves the watch’s capabilities, saying, “The upgraded health features include menstrual cycle tracking for women, and a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) that checks your heart rhythm and electrical activity. It also monitors your blood oxygen monitor which helps you track your overall health. The upgraded health features along with the tough recycled aerospace-grade alloy case, the durable Ion-X glass watch face, and the extended battery life make the Series 8 our choice for the best overall Apple Watch.”
Created to be the best, but is it? 
TechRadar thinks so, writing, “The Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate Apple Watch. It’s bigger and bulkier, adding an action button that you can customize with genuinely useful features. Designed to survive all kinds of terrain, the Apple Watch Ultra rivals many Garmin watches. And, during testing, we easily found this to be the best wearable that the brand has ever made.”
For CNN, It’s splurge-worthy: “The Apple Watch Ultra is the best Apple Watch you can buy right now. In fact, it’s the best smartwatch for someone willing to splurge, despite being oversized, chunky and considerably more expensive ($799) than all the other Apple Watches … If you aren’t already on the bandwagon, and decide it’s time to get in better shape or finally want to tackle something like kayaking or scuba diving, the Ultra is here for you.”
Living Etc. ranks the Series 8 as No. 1, but they choose the Ultra for second place.
Here’s what they have to say: “The Apple Watch Ultra is designed to push your boundaries. Built with endurance athletes, outdoor adventurers and water sport enthusiasts in mind, it has advanced features and an excellent battery life. It’s an excellent buy if you love swimming as its 100m water resistant and even has an Oceanic+ app for use as a dive computer.” 
Wired says the SE is the best for most people. “If you have any doubt at all as to whether you should get an Apple Watch, the SE is Apple’s entry-level option. If all you want is a basic smartwatch, the SE will serve you — or your nana, or recent college graduate — perfectly well.” 
The SE is great for all ages!
“If you’ve never owned a smartwatch and you just want the basic functions, such as notifications and activity monitoring, the SE is a great value. The SE is also perfect to buy for a child who is too young for a smartphone. Maybe you don’t want them to go on social media or text, but setting them up with an SE can allow you to track their location and contact them in case of an emergency,” CNBC writes. 
Let us know which Apple Watch you think is best in the comments below.
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I have the SE (2nd Gen) and it’s everything I need. It also has the crash detection, which I found works perfectly. I fell and it immediately detected it. I am beyond needing the temperature tracking feature, although the ECG and blood oxygen features would be nice I didn’t see the need to spend an additional $100.00 just for those things.
Lol. Dumbest article I’ve ever seen. Literally just says the newest versions are the best they have as if they have multiple options. They have the newest, the budget and the premium. It’s the only ones they have. If you want to be a real journalist and do actual research and writing, compare all smart watches from the biggest brands. I guess anyone can be a journalist now adays.
Should be titled “Of the 3 latest Apple Watch releases, here is my opinion”
“Best Apple Watches”? – you do not recommend any other release? Really?
Many of the older models will fit the bill for most people and are much more affordable, each has its own foibles.
I personally recently bought the 7 GPS only model and that is just because it has a 45mm size, and I returned the cellular version, as I found I did not require it, and the price difference saved some $$$.
The 3-4-5-6-are good choices that have many of the same capabilities as the 7, except some of these do not have the “fall” notification.
My recommendation would be to get the 7 when it goes sub $300, Target just had them at $309, Costco at $379.
My only wish including the series 8 is that apple would up the Nits so nighttime viewing is easier, even if just for a few seconds, that would be a big help. (Or even an option to push the side button to give it a higher Nits for a few seconds)
– Wyze has a couple of sizes, one of which is 47mm and has sleep tracking, message display (no response though) and other capabilities for $45 – and works well with iPhones, but the Apple Watch is the one to have when interacting with iPhones, being able to answer and talk through the watch still amazes when I have to do that, and that works on the non-cellular model as long as your phone is nearby and with no extra cellular provider extra charges!
– and who else has the animated Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse face that speaks the time? “ It’s 8 o’clock, good morning pal!” (Insert mickey laugh)

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