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These Apple devices won't get any more annual updates – Macworld

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It’s always exciting when Apple announces the latest version of iOS or macOS. Not only are there a bunch of new features to try, but it’s a good way to get an old device running like new again by wiping it down and reinstalling it with the latest OS.
But this year, fewer devices will be able to enjoy the new updates. After supporting devices such as the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 through several generations, Apple has made a surprising number of cuts to this year’s compatibility list, and if you have a slightly older device, there’s a good chance you’ll need to buy a newer device to enjoy the newest versions. Here are the devices you’ll need to run the latest version of each OS:
While Apple didn’t remove any phones from the iOS 15 compatibility list last year, several iPhones won’t be able to upgrade to iOS 16 in the fall.
The good news is every iPad Pro Apple has ever made will be able to upgrade to iOS 16 (though only the latest models will be able to use the new Stage Manager multitasking feature. But if you have an older iPad Air or iPad mini you’re out of luck.
It’s a bit of a bloodbath when it comes to the Mac. Several devices have hit the chopping block, including some models that were sold as recently as 2019.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple isn’t supporting the Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 9. But it is—mainly because Apple still sells it.
Apple TV owners are the only devices to make it out unscathed. Every model that supported iOS 15 will support iOS 16 in the fall, though we assume the non-4K models aren’t long for this world.
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