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What Is The Cheapest Tesla? – J.D. Power

Tesla’s EVs are widely renowned. However, they also have a reputation for being costly. Budget-conscious electric vehicle buyers often want to know the answer to these questions: what is the cheapest Tesla? And how much does it cost? Let’s find out.
What Is The Cheapest Tesla
The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla on the market. However, a word of caution here. The fact that it is the cheapest Tesla doesn’t change the fact that it still costs a lot and especially after the economic slowdown of the past two years.
When the Model 3 came out six years ago, it used to cost $35000, but that was for a short time. The price of Model 3 has fluctuated due to the upgrades and downgrades. However, the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive is still the only Tesla available under $50000. 
When discussing downgrades, it is essential to mention the RWD trim, which is now half a second slower than the older model. This delay is due to the LFP (Lithium-ion Phosphate Battery) batteries in the RWD Models. 
The total price of the Model 3 with upgrades encompassing black and white interiors, sports wheels, red paint, and self-driving capacity can be as $63,490. 
You can also opt for the Long Range Model 3. It starts at $55,990 and goes up to $72,490 after the modifications. 
And if you still want more options, you can go for the performance version of Model 3 at a base price of $62,990. With modifications like full-self-driving capacity, modified interiors, and 20” Uberturbine wheels, it can go up to $77990. 
It seems like the cheapest Tesla is not that cheap, after all! 
Other Tesla models cost quite a bit more. These aren’t cheaper than the Model 3, but entry-level trims can be priced at least somewhat competitively.
Apart from the original Tesla Roadster, Model S is the oldest and longest-running EV model. The sales have dwindled over the years as Tesla launches new ones. The Dual Motor Model S begins at $99,990, while the fully loaded one is $120,990, and the Tri-Motor Model S Plaid can go up to $156,990 at its full potential.
The Model X takes the cake regarding being the most expensive Tesla. The Plaid version of Tesla’s Model X is the highest one Tesla currently offers. The plaid version starts at $138,990, and with all the costly add-ons, it goes up to $160,000. However, you cannot just walk into the showroom and drive out with it, even if you have the money. There is a long wait till the beginning of next year for the people who booked their cars back in January. So, if waiting is not your cup of tea, you might want to consider another model or a pre-owned Tesla.
The newest EV from Tesla is the Model Y, and it starts at $62,990, and a fully decked-up model would cost you somewhere around $83,990. The price is comparatively high compared to the compact Model X, and you would pay an additional $3000 if you want to convert your vehicle into a seven-seater. 
Although there are new Teslas in the offing, the Model 3 remains the cheapest Tesla on the market. It is also one of the premium EVs available at that price. All said and done, Tesla remains a pioneer in Electric vehicles and uses clean energy to make the world a better place. 
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