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Used electric Hummer sells for nearly 3X suggested price – Business Insider

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A barely used GMC Hummer EV sold for $324,500 — nearly three times its original suggested retail price — at the Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas Auction over the weekend.
The electric car, which previously had one owner, had just 48 miles on the odometer and was one of a handful of the Edition 1 Hummer EVs that have sold for well over the suggested dealer price. In April and May, two used Hummer EVs were auctioned online for $275,000 and $260,420. Both vehicles had less than 1,000 miles on the odometer.
The Edition 1 Hummer EV models were originally intended to be sold with a $110,000 listing price, but the electric pickup truck has been in high demand since GMC first announced the product.
High priced auctions might be the only way for eager buyers to get their hands on the Hummer EV.
The electric pickup and SUV is sold out into 2023 and has over 77,500 reservations. To date, GMC has only made 372 deliveries of the pickup since it was released in December.
The Wall Street Journal reported in June that GM’s Detroit Factory Zero has only been able to produce around a dozen of the pickup trucks per day. The Verge reported that it would take about 17 and a half years for GMC to deliver on its current reservations at its current production rate. However, the company has said it plans to increase production levels to accommodate thousands of deliveries by later this year.
Last month, GMC hiked prices for models of the electric Hummers by $6,250, citing increasing costs for parts. 
The electric Hummer that went on sale in Las Vegas over the weekend is painted Interstellar White and includes an interior with bronze accents.
The EV has a 350-mile range and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about three seconds, according to GM.
The car also has multiple luxury features, including an infinity roof. It also has a “Crab Walk” mode  which allows all four wheels to turn in one direction and move diagonally.
Another electric Hummer is currently for sale online via Bring A Trailer. The online auction for the electric pickup ends in one day, but bids have already hit $190,000 as of publication of this article.
The Las Vegas auction represents the highest price a used Hummer EV has ever sold for in auction. Though, the very first electric Hummer sold for a whopping $2.5 million last year at a charity auction.
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