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The Rivian R1S: What Do You Want To Know? – Jalopnik

So, you’ve looked at the Rivian R1T, and you like what you see. The sleek looks, attractive proportions, and advanced powertrain make the truck a tempting proposition in your book. But you’ve got things you need to carry behind the seats that won’t work with a truck bed — a dog, some antique furniture, a lesser-loved child who hasn’t earned Chair Privileges yet. A truck just doesn’t work for you. Well, Rivian’s R1S may be the SUV you need.
Later this week, I’ll be taking a train ride up to the Catskills to test Rivian’s first SUV for myself. The schedule calls for on- and off-road drives, so there should be ample time to get acquainted with the full-size EV. But, with all that time behind the wheel, I want to make sure I’m answering your questions. So, what do you want to know?
Coming off of drives in the Volvo C40 Recharge, Subaru Solterra, and Kia EV6 (keep your eyes peeled for that last review), I’ve gotten acquainted with all manner of approaches companies take to EV power delivery tuning. My personal big question for the R1S is how it feels to drive — as entertaining as the Kia, or as banal as the Subie?
Of course, loading a full-size SUV up with sports-car expectations is a recipe for disappointment. With this current crop of electrified crossovers, however, more and more fun has crept into these oversized vehicles. So that’s my big question: Is the Rivian fun enough, and does it feel unique enough, to justify the EV tradeoffs?
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You’ve heard my big question, but I want to hear yours. Throw any thoughts, queries, or things you want clarified into the comments. As I put miles on the R1S, I’ll keep my eye out for all the answers.


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