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What is Hummer CrabWalk Mode? – J.D. Power

Whether navigating around obstacles off-road or negotiating a parking space in a crowded lot, piloting a large vehicle can be a challenging task. To handle such maneuvers, General Motors (GM) has engineered its two newest Hummer electric vehicles (EVs)—the 2024 Hummer EV SUV and 2022 Hummer EV Pickup (SUT)—with a 4-wheel-steering system that includes an innovative "CrabWalk" mode that pushes capability to new limits.
2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 4-Wheel-Steer System with CrabWalk
Before we talk about crab walking, let's define 4-wheel steering. Four-wheel steering allows the driver to control the angle of both the front and rear wheels. With traditional steering, the driver only controls the car's direction with the front wheels, and the rear wheels follow.
In the case of the Hummer EVs, available 4-wheel steering allows the rear wheels to turn up to 10 degrees in or out. If the rear wheels swivel the opposite way of the front wheels, the vehicle can make much tighter turns than those in typical situations. This ability is beneficial in tight parking lots or city streets. It is intended for maneuvers at very slow speeds.
When the rear wheels of the Hummer EV swivel in the same direction as the front wheels, the vehicle does something surprising; it moves diagonally instead of circularly. Like a crab. Thus, this diagonally lateral movement is called crab walking.
The first time you see a Hummer EV in CrabWalk mode may wow you. The vehicle is already a sight due to its sheer size and futuristic design elements. But with CrabWalk, the Hummer appears to effortlessly glide from side to side, almost as if the pavement or ground beneath is moving along with it.
Diagonal movement—like that of a crab—allows the driver to avoid an obstacle altogether instead of doing a multi-point turn to maneuver around it. At higher speeds, a diagonal move helps the vehicle make more stable lane changes.
The crab-walking functionality will help the Hummer EV move more easily through narrower pathways that may have obstructions when driving in the wild. Overall, it makes the vehicle feel more agile and nimble, which is not an easy task when said vehicle is 16 to 18 feet long and seven feet wide.
The concept of 4-wheel steering is not new. GM introduced this feature more than 10 years ago with its Quadrasteer function. Quadrasteer was available on large models like the Chevy Suburban and Silverado to make towing maneuvers easier. However, the Hummer's crab-walking abilities are more sophisticated and far-reaching, both on- and off-pavement.
With available CrabWalk mode, the Hummer EVs become even more go-anywhere capable—both in-town and in the wild—than previously imagined. This feature will potentially take the Hummer SUV and SUT experience to new heights.
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