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GMC's Hummer EV sells for an absurd US$250000 as electric truck … – Notebookcheck.net

Buyers in many parts of the world continue to have a difficult time finding used and new cars at reasonable prices. Modern EVs are particularly affected by the well-documented and quite pesky supply chain issues that are constraining the production of many in-demand cars and trucks. One mind-blowing Hummer EV auction in Texas now perfectly illustrates this worrisome car price trend.
According to a report by Electrek, a dealership in the aforementioned truck-loving US state has recently auctioned at least two immediately available 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickups which originally had an already lofty sticker price of US$112,595. With only 85 miles on the odometer, one of the electric trucks was apparently sold for a staggering US$255,000, more than twice its original MSRP. The low mileage indicates that the owner probably bought the electric truck only to immediately flip it and garner a nice profit.
Electrek further notes that this "Edition 1" of the Hummer EV might reach such high prices due to its limited production, although the pickup only sports some additional design elements like interior badges that separate it form the regular maxed-out versions of the electric truck, which are not yet orderable. While bidding wars like these may not be the norm, the outcome of this grotesque Hummer EV auction once again highlights that buyers in the US are still willing to pay exorbitant prices and markups for immediately available electric trucks. It is expected that high demand will keep car prices at this unaffordable level for the foreseeable future.
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Electrek, Image: GMC
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