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Michail 27 October 2022
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Apple’s brand new M2 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the current screen size king from Cupertino’s tablet division but a new report from The Information suggests that we may see an even larger screen iPad next year. The new report suggests Apple is working on a 16-inch iPad Pro model with a mini-LED display which may launch in Q4 2023.
The upcoming device will target creators such as graphic designers and artists who would have a larger canvas to work on their projects. The Information report also notes how a 16-inch iPad would literally blur the lines between laptops and tablets in Apple’s ecosystem though we’ve seen past reports suggesting potential 14-inch and 16-inch iPads being considered by Apple.
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The current iPad aspect ratio would be stupid at that size.
They better increase the thickness and durability of the outer casing and the materials inside of it too because the wider the screen in proportion to its thickness, the higher chances of said tablet breaking or being deformed.
Anything under 18 feels illegal to me. Lol At this point they should call it "Touch enabled all in one portable monitor". That doesn’t belong to any tablet category anymore
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