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Apple's previous-gen AirPods Pro drop to $170 at Amazon – Engadget

There have been no shortage of AirPods Pro deals in the past, but the previous-generation models have been hovering at $180 for the past few months. Now, you can pick them up for $160, which is only about $10 more than their all-time-low price. While, yes, Apple put some decent upgrades into the second-generation earbuds that just came out, those will set you back at least $240 right now. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, this is a good time to pick up the previous version — or the second-gen AirPods, which are back on sale and down to $90.
These AirPods Pro still have a lot going for them, despite the introduction of their predecessors. They have good sound quality and solid ANC, which will block out a lot of environmental noise around you. Their IPX4 water resistance makes them good workout companions, as they’ll withstand sweat pretty well, and we like that they provide hands-free Siri access for when you need to set timers, make calls and do other things without pulling out your iPhone.
And, if you didn’t already know, the AirPods Pro do work best with iPhones and other Apple devices. They’ll quickly pair when you first unbox them, and you’ll be able to switch between taking a call on your iPhone to listening to music on your MacBook fairly seamlessly. As for battery life, you’ll get about five hours of use in one go, and with the included charging case, you’ll get a total of 24 hours of listening time. Also, these AirPods Pro come with a MagSafe case, so you can wirelessly power them up if you have a compatible charger.
If you’re looking to spend even less, the second-gen AirPods are a good option now that they’re on sale for $90. We saw them briefly drop to $79 earlier this week, but that deal came and went within hours. This remains a good sale price for these buds, which provide decent sound quality, a good battery life and convenient Apple-ecosystem features like fast pairing and switching.

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