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The iPad Pro is back down to its lowest price ever ahead of Prime Day – Mashable

Save $100: Just because you need a powered-up tablet doesn’t mean you need to pay powered-up prices. As of June 28, the 11-inch iPad Pro (128GB)(Opens in a new tab) is back to its lowest price ever at just $699, or a 13% discount, at Amazon.
The iPad Pro, though famously powerful, is infamously pricey, easily running into the price territory of MacBooks. But ahead of Prime Day, Amazon has given us a little treat.
The 11-inch iPad Pro(Opens in a new tab) with 128GB of storage is on sale for $699, marking a triumphant return to its lowest price on record. That’s $100 off Apple’s most feature-heavy tablet, though this sale does only apply to the space gray model. (But let’s be honest, you’re probably going to throw a case on it anyway).
Since it’s running on an M1 chip (the same one that many MacBook Pros and Airs run on), the iPad Pro may seem at first glance like a laptop replacement. Though it has the potential to be, iPadOS isn’t quite there yet on the functionality front in replicating the laptop experience, though it is certainly getting closer.
All that power in a tablet is great for artists and creatives, though (hence why this tablet is our top pick for artists). While the latest iPad Air also runs on an M1 chip, the iPad Pro has a slightly larger screen (11 inches compared to the Air’s 10.9 inches), and a Liquid Retina XDR display, which is especially nice for anyone creating illustrations or editing photos. As an added bonus, it has pretty killer back cameras for a tablet.
It’s still a bit of an investment, but if you’re tired of lugging around your laptop just to open up Photoshop or want to see Procreate really shine, the iPad Pro is well worth it. Grab it while Amazon has at hanging out at its lowest price ever.
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