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The Rivian R1T is arguably one of the most unique and compelling EVs to come to market in some time. That said, it joins a whole host of other new non-Tesla EVs that have become available relatively recently. Since Tesla is the most well-known and successful electric automaker to date, prospective owners may ask if owning something like the R1T electric pickup truck is similar to owning a Tesla.
As you may have noticed, several social media influencers are beginning to take delivery of the Rivian R1T. There has already been plenty of coverage of the startup automaker and its electric pickup truck, but now we’re beginning to see the floodgates open with owner reviews, which we really appreciate. Owners can often give us a much better idea than a professional reviewer when it comes to what it’s actually like to live with a new vehicle, and living with an EV is an entirely different experience than living with a gas car.
Tesla owner and social media influencer Everyday Chris spends a good deal of time driving the new R1T electric pickup truck around and checking out its features, range, and the charging situation. He shows us how it fits in his garage, how it compares to the size of the F-150, and how it compares to owning a Tesla.
If you’ve been following the space for a time, you’ve most certainly heard many positive reports about Tesla ownership, though there are also some notable issues. Tesla ownership may tend to be hassle-free when it comes to range, charging, features, updates, etc. However, many owners admit that the cars aren’t necessarily as upscale or well-built as competing luxury vehicles, and service issues and delays seem to be common in some areas.
As people are shopping for their first EV, they may wonder if they should simply jump on the bandwagon and order a Tesla, or if it’s becoming more feasible, and even practical, to own a non-Tesla EV.
Chris is a seasoned Tesla owner who’s been producing videos about his EV for some time now. He compares his experience with the R1T to his experiences owning a Tesla. For those who want to hone in on specific topics, Chris provided the following chapters and timestamps.
Learn More About How Rivian Compares To Tesla:
After you’ve had an opportunity to check out Chris’ video about the Rivian R1T, scroll down and share your thoughts. We’d love to know what you think of the R1T, and if you’re a Tesla owner, you could probably provide some further details to help prospective EV owners.
Source: Everday Chris (YouTube)
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