Nokia has sent out invites to a special media event organized by the company, which is being called as Zoom Reinvented. This event will take place on 11th of July in New York City. And we believe that Nokia will finally unveil the Nokia EOS Windows Phone 8 device, the one which is expected to have the 41MP camera.

Nokia-invite Zoom Reinvented Nokia EOS

Consumers waiting for the Nokia EOS, the smartphone with the 41MP camera, might finally get to check out this new smartphone on and after 11th of July. Nokia has used the words ‘Zoom Reinvented’ for its event, which clearly indicates that it has something to do with cameras, smartphone cameras! And at the moment, the only smartphone one can think of is the Nokia EOS, the smartphone that has actually been codenamed ‘EOS.’

This 41MP camera that we expect to see in the Nokia EOS might be the same camera that we saw on the Nokia 808 PureView last year. After the success and appreciation received by this high performance camera, Nokia must have planned to integrate it into their flagship device. Nokia and specially the Nokia Lumia series has already become popular and famous because of its high quality camera performance. Now the company wants to take it to the next level by bringing the 41MP camera in a Windows Phone.

By the way, EOS is not the only codename we have heard of. Previously there have been reports which said that AT&T is testing the Nokia EOS under the codename ‘Elvis.’ So if this report is true, we believe that the Nokia EOS will be coming to AT&T, and it might also be exclusive to the carrier network. In order to find out what happens with the EOS, we need to wait for a month. Everything will be clear on the 11th of July when Nokia actually ‘Reinvents Zoom.’