Marketing activity reaches frenzied levels during the Super Bowl series. And understandably so considering that it happens to be one of the most-watched sporting events in the entire United States. Mentioned below are 11 of the most viewed ads that made a flutter during this year’s Super Bowl series.

T-Mobile: The networking giant has arranged for a two-pronged marketing attack this year, with both going for rave reviews. One of the ad titled ‘#BagOfUnlimted’ features Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg and showcases the unlimited data plans that T-Mobile has on offer.

They also scored one of the best celebrity featuring commercial from Super Bowl 2017 including Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski, Terrell Owens. Ideas behind all the commercials are promotion of unlimited data.

The other ad has Kristen Schaal in the lead role and carries shades of the famous ’50 Shades of Grey’ novel as the carrier takes on its competition while portraying its own unlimited plans as the most hassle free among all.

Sprint: Sprint too came up with an interesting ad during the Super Bowl, one that is directly aimed at Verizon and the latter’s expensive data plans. The ad shows a father faking his own death in a bid to urge their kids to go for the more affordable Sprint data plans in the absence of their father footing the bills.

Google Home: The Mountain View company too has been right up there when it comes to tap into the buyer’s psyche to promote its Google Home smart speaker system. Its ad that premiered during the Super Bowl highlights how well managed your home can be once you have Google Home installed.

From turning off lights to most of everything else, the Google Home can manage it all with élan. Speak ‘Ok Google, ‘ and the speaker is ready for your commands. Interestingly, the ad itself turned on the speaker in many a home thanks to their use of the phrase – ‘Ok Google.’

Intel: The chipmaker came up with a 39-sec Super Bowl spot featuring New England Patriots’ Tom Brady. The ad itself would like us to believe Intel 360 degree Technology is all that you need to make even ordinary thing assume special status.

In any case, the company also powered a whole swarm of drones that formed part of the Lady Gaga show during the event, which in itself is also a great endorsement of the company’s tech prowess.

Ford: ‘Go further’ happens to be the tagline that Ford’s Super Bowl ad is centered around. The phrase also rhymes with the inner voice that propels us all to reach our goals, no matter what adversity that we might be going through. The Ford vehicles with their class-leading features can further add credence to our inner zeal to excel, something that is accentuated all the more with the Nina Simone song ‘I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free’ playing the background in the ad.

Audi: The luxury carmaker won everyone’s heart during the Super Bowl with its ad that aims to promote gender pay equality. That sure is a topic that many hold dear to their heart. The timing too is perfect considering how many have voiced concerns about how gender equality isn’t practiced in reality even after pledging for the same.

GoDaddy: The company pitched for all the good things that the internet stands for in their 30-sec spot that aired during the game. In fact, they showcased the internet itself, with tattoos such as those of Wi-Fi symbols, memes, floppy discs and such lending grace to their ad.

Nintendo: The company is really keen to see its Nintendo Switch console is off to a solid start. That should explain their coming up with an ad during the Super Bowl which also happens to be a first ever from Nintendo. Also, while the teen is shown in the ad playing the game ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, there also lies subtle references to other games that Nintendo has up its sleeve.

Honda: The carmaker came up with an ad to promote its once legendary CR-V SUV though the ad might not be one that you get hooked on to instantly. Featuring a whole host of celebrities’ yearbook photos, the celebrities actually come to life and deliver messages that intend to bring out the best in you. You got to have the most stunning website to win in today’s world, and that’s the message that the website design firm has to deliver during 2017 Super Bowl. The ad stars action hero Jason Statham and Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame and underscores the importance of having a nice enough website that can keep your business going even if your restaurant is reduced to ashes, as has been shown in the ad.

Mercedes-Benz: Directed by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, the ad features the latest Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster with the Born to be Wild song serving as the aural theme. The ad also uses the film Easy Rider as the backdrop for the ad that harps on the no-holds-barred wild appeal of the Merc’s iconic roadster.


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