WhatsApp has finally started to roll out two-step verification process to allow for an extra layer of security of your account. The feature so far was being tested on only the beta version of the Android app but has now been made integral across all platforms, which includes the iPhone, Android and Windows versions of the app.

The process calls for creating a six-digit passcode which you will need every time you register your phone number with WhatsApp. Setting up WhatsApp on a different smartphone will also require you to enter the passcode to further secure your account.

WhatsApp will ask for the code once in a while to ensure you remember it. The feature is optional on WhatsApp though it is highly recommended that you go for it.

How to enable WhatsApp two-step verification?

To enable the two-step verification, open WhatsApp > Settings > Account. Locate Two-step verification and select ‘Enable.’ This will lead to the next screen where you will get to actually enter the six-digit passcode. Re-enter the passcode again to activate it.

You will then be guided to the next screen where you will be asked to enter your email address. This again is optional though it is highly recommended that you enter a valid email address as this provides you with the chance to disable the two-step authentication just in case you forget the passcode.

However, in case you forget the passcode, WhatsApp won’t allow you to verify your account for seven days since you have last used the app. After the seven day period has lapsed, you will again get to re-verify your phone number on WhatsApp sans the passcode though you will lose all pending messages after you have verified again.

The process is even more stringent if you re-verify your mobile number on WhatsApp without the passcode after 30 days of last using the app as this leads to your account getting deleted as a whole. Instead, a new account will be created after you have re-verified successfully. However, if you do not see this option in your WhatsApp, update your version (if available) or wait for update.

Two-step verification is a simple yet proven technique to secure an account and has been adopted by almost all service providers such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook to name just a few.


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