Facebook has updated its Facebook app on the iOS platform. The new update brings in a lot of new features and improvements for iOS consumers. Facebook app for iOS has been updated to version 6.2 and we suggest iOS consumers should go ahead and check out this new update.

This new updated version of Facebook app does not only fix bugs and issues that were present in the previous build, but also brings a number of improvements that will definitely be appreciated by consumers. One of the most interesting and useful feature is that you can now add icons and emoticons in your status updates making them much more lively and expressive. In order to spice things up even more, Facebook has provided a number of categories that you can choose from. The thing to keep in mind is right now these new icons are only available in English, and we do expect Facebook to take care of other languages very soon.


In addition to the above-mentioned feature, you can now start new conversations with the photos that you receive in messages. Another interesting feature is that the new Facebook app will now allow you to choose who all should be able to see what you have shared, adding to the level of privacy and enhanced control over your social life. So whatever you share can be restricted to yourself, your friends or you can simply share it as public.

So there you have it, some of the new and interesting features that the new Facebook app brings to you. If you are interested in checking out the app and want to try out all the new stuff, then go ahead and download the update from the App Store.