The latest WikiLeaks dump spelled out how the CIA is able to hack into almost any iOS devices even though Apple would like us to believe most of the vulnerabilities exposed in the leak have already been patched in the latest update. That points to iOS version 10.2.1 being the best that iOS users can have to thwart off any attempts on part of the government security agencies to peek into their private lives.

However, with the update having been launched only in Jan this year, that points to it being quite easy for the government spies to have watched your move closely enough before the latest update came in to shut off the access, and that too partially. Apple meanwhile stated they are working to wipe off the rest of the loopholes that the WikiLeaks documents mentioned.

The Cupertino giant also took the opportunity to remind its loyalists how ‘deeply committed’ they are to ensure privacy and security of its users. In fact, Apple does have a calm and composed demeanor that does point to things really being under control. A few iOS developers too stated the latest leaks does not reveal anything much that they aren’t already aware of.

Apple also underscored the need to always update to the latest iOS version to ensure they are covered against vulnerabilities to the maximum extent possible. That almost eighty percent have already upgraded to the latest iOS 10.2.1 does point to things not being as negative and gloomy as perhaps the WikiLeaks documents would have us believe.

The leak pointed out about ways the security agencies use to go for Android devices as well. Google, however, is yet to comment on the development. Interestingly, the leak also revealed the CIA has lost much of its hacking arsenal. That again points to the establishment having perhaps acquired other more intelligent means of surveillance that Snowden may not have knowledge of. After all, it’s all a cat-n-mouse game, and it would be hard to believe the CIA isn’t upgrading its hacking tools in the face of ever increasing sophistications of the devices as well as criminal tactics.


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