The LG G6 is an impressive piece of hardware though the South Korean company has thought of making the device even more attractive to early buyers by including a Google Home speaker as a free bundle. Now with the Google Home speakers priced $129 a pop, this does make for a really nice deal considering that the G6 already impresses with its looks and features.

What makes the offer all the more sensible is the fact that the G6 happens to be the only handset at the moment to come with Google Assistant. So far, the personal digital assistant from Google has been exclusive to its own mobile, the Pixel. The Google Assistant also forms the central theme of the Home smart speaker system.

As such, offering the Home along with the G6 does make sense though what is not known if this has been part of a well thought out marketing strategy or has been stitched up at the last moment. It will also be interesting to see if both the devices are deeply integrated in their functionality or will only get to know each other via their common Google lineage.

In any case, LG is also eager to make the most of the scenario where its G6 happens to be the sole flagship mobile offering for 2017. It already has gained a lot of attention thanks to its smart and innovative looks along with the exciting feature set. Offering the Google Home completely free will no doubt land it an even bigger audience.

LG however is yet to reveal what the G6 will cost when it makes its market debut though some sources pointed out to it being in the vicinity of $800. Meanwhile, a leaked internal Verizon document revealed the G6 to cost $672. In fact, Verizon has further sweetened the offer by announcing a 43-inch LG TV and FIOS $500 bundle for any new customer that pre-orders the LG G6.

LG G6 won’t be able to beat coming Samsung Galaxy S8

All of these should no doubt help the G6 notch up some steady sales figures before the Galaxy S8 joins in. For the record, the Samsung flagship is expected to reach markets by end April while the formal launch event is scheduled on March 29.


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