What comes to your mind when you hear people say, “We live in a digital age” or when people say, “This is the mobile technology era”? For most people, the question they ask is how many mobile device users are there in the world right now? Statista.com reported some interesting statistical details last year. As at 2013, there were about 4.01 billion mobile phone users worldwide. The numbers have steadily been increasing, and by the end of 2017, we can expect about 4.77 billion users. By 2019, the world will have as many as 5.07 billion users. Doesn’t this information alarm to you? What would you say if someone told you that there is a rising trend of using a Mobile spy app along with the rise in mobile phone usage? Believe it, or not, it’s a reality and the sooner you educate yourself about this rising trend the better it will be for you.

Why is using a mobile spy app on the rise?

With the coming of the mobile age, we see everyone using an Android or iOS device. People are constantly texting, calling, chatting on WhatsApp or other internet messenger apps, using social media on the go, and using emails to share all kinds of sensitive information. People share things that they should best not share and eventually they attract trouble. Parents of growing kids are one of the major users of mobile spying apps. They have resorted to using such apps to keep their stubborn or naive kids in check while they explore the internet world.

Yes, in the digital age, we have learned to depend on Google for every information we need. However, with the pros of using Google and other social media platforms, there are some serious threats lurking. Cyberbullying is one of the most disturbing threats to kids online. Other threats include stalkers, predators who trap kids and frauds who lure kids into sexting and then use it to harass them and blackmail them.

Employers are another major group of people who are actively adopting the new trend of using Xnspy mobile spy app. Since people can easily share sensitive information, including documents, photos, and videos, and emails using their tablets and smartphones, employers need to protect their business secrets. Any disgruntled employee or an ex-employee can share your company’s secrets. What would you do to avoid this? For starters, many businesses have adopted the tactful approach of giving their workers company-issued mobile devices. Business owners in this era rely on mobile marketing to engage their customers and cannot prevent workers from misusing their mobile gadgets.

Staggering stats prove using such apps is necessary

According to a survey involving users of Xnspy, here are some stats that may convince you that using such apps is necessary:

  • 40% of teenagers prefer using voice calls to communicate with friends and romantic partners
  • 37% of teenagers in the survey spend several hours socializing outside of school
  • 29% teenagers use social media extensively to make random friends
  • 9% teenagers use emails
  • There is a steady rise in the number of teenagers using texting since 2010
  • Teenaged girls are more enthusiastic about texting and sexting as compared to boys
  • 60% teenagers download various apps on their devices

According to some employers who use this app, 31% of their employees spend most of their time online for personal use. Shockingly, in any firm, about 21-31% admitted sending confidential information to outsiders. This alone is reason enough to want to screen employees.

How using a mobile spy app helps parents and employers

In order to appreciate the growing trend of using such software technology, let us see what they offer parents and employers. First, understand that to use this app, you must subscribe to the appropriate version and install it on the target device. For non-jailbroken devices, there is a special version that works through iCloud. You would not have to install the app on the target non-jailbroken device. Monitoring people with this app means accessing the features on a browser-based control panel. All you need to do is log in and click on any feature you want to screen.

  • Remote control of target device

Upon installation, you can remotely turn on the recorder to eavesdrop on ambient discussions. You can make screenshots of any activity you find suspicious and if want to keep proof of what you see. You can lock the device if someone quit without returning the device and you know it carries sensitive data. Until you receive the device back, the data on it will remain secure and inaccessible. You can block unwanted apps the target person uses and block unwanted contacts too. In extreme cases, you can wipe off all data if you believe you cannot retrieve the device.

  • Access phone logs (calls and sms)

You can see all incoming and outgoing call history and read threads of conversations via text messages. You can watchlist contacts using the inbuilt feature. Whenever such contacts call or message your target person, you will receive an alert. Xnspy also has the ability to watchlist words. This means that whenever the person you are monitoring sends or receives text messages with specific “watchlisted” words, you will receive an alert. The alerts come in the form of an email or SMS. You can configure your preferences from the settings in the control panel.

  • Screen internet messengers and social media activity

Once parents and employers give people a mobile device, they cannot resist using it for side attractions. Adults and teenagers use apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, Line, Facebook messenger all day. They also spend ample time on social media like Instagram and Tinder, on daily basis. At work or in personal lives at home, these activities can lead to problems. Parents can keep kids safe by screening their chats, photo, videos, and call logs via different messengers. Employers can also make sure their workers are using their devices responsibly and not for espionage. After all mobile security is also a rising trend in the business world.

  • Record calls and ambient discussions

The app has the ability to record calls automatically. You can remotely turn on the recorder if you need to listen to discussions in your absence and behind closed doors. For parents and employers, this proves very helpful. The design of this mobile spy app is such that it records and uploads all data to the control panel. Once uploads complete it deletes temporary files from the SD-card. The purpose of this is to facilitate maintaining stealth.

  • GPS tracking and Geofencing

When it comes to the need to know where a specific person is at any time of the day, GPS tracking helps. Xnspy and other similar apps have the ability to show you where the target device is, using Google Maps. You can also get alerts when the person enters or leaves specific places that you add to the watchlist. This also goes by the name “geo-fencing”. It means setting boundaries based on places and areas. If the person you are monitoring enters or leaves a specific area or address, the app will notify you. Employers can know where their workforce is around the clock and know if they are taking a break at some bar instead of working. Parents can also track the whereabouts of their kids around the clock to make sure they are safe.

Today, thousands of people are using at least one mobile spy app at a time. They make their choice in apps based on the features they offer. Every month, there is a steady rise in users of these apps as numbers of mobile device users’ increase. There is an almost direct proportional ratio based on some reports.


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