As a tech giant, Apple has produced many wonderful technologies that are designed for its users’ comfort and elegance. The company has taken its game a notch by releasing a Home App that would be able to centralize automation for a home by installing appliances with high speed actuators and connecting gadgets and features on an apple device. As a smart hub, Apple’s Home Kit lets the users have access to the popular smart-home features such as lighting, temperature, appliance switches, door locks, and thermostats.

This level of comfort and automation at the touch of a button is indeed benefit to the coziness of our home but Apple takes it up another notch by allowing you to control your Smart Home through the virtual assistant, Siri, on your apple device. The flexible features of the Home Kit allow users to have a simple interface and commands that are tuned to their own preferences. The unique quality of Apple’s home app is that it does not require the use of a hub in order to control of the other devices. However, it requires another expensive gadget which is the Apple TV. The Apple TV serves as the gateway of the installed devices when the user is away. This removes the requirement of your devices to connect to an unsafe Wi-Fi network.

As a smart-home platform, the simplicity of Home Kit also allows for the installation of high-speed actuators with other appliances such as television sets, tables and more. High-speed actuators provide the smooth mechanical motion systems that automated appliances need. Unlike ordinary linear actuators, high speed actuators provide a better level of efficiency, style and comfort to the elements of a smart home.

Apple’s Home app is designed for Apple users who are interested in home automation and smartification. Apple’s features include privacy advantages on other systems because its gadgets connect directly to your iPhone or iPad. It does not require data to process within the Cloud keeping your transactions and information less susceptible to hackers and information thieves. since all the communication that happens between devices is encrypted – not even Apple has any idea what requests you are giving to Siri. No information is littered to the global network when the devices are triggered, and it does not send out information about the users’ settings, or even what device is being used.

As with other smart home systems, Apple’s home app allows users to mix commands, thereby creating recipes for automation. It also allows users to connect many gadgets that can directly be combined to an existing set-up. Setting other devices with Home Kit requires less trouble shooting and installation than other Software designs. Devices connect to the centrality of your Apple’s network, through Siri and the to the new integrated Home app in iOS 10.

With the many elegant yet simple features of Apple’s Home Kit, it is certainly does make it easier to control your smart devices. However, Apple’s design is not capable of more complex hub-based interactions. The system is still improving, although it boasts easier connectivity and accessibility. Apple’s home app is best suitable for home-smartification beginners as it offers a much friendlier interface and flexibility for basic smart gadgets. Apple has once again succeeded in providing its users a beautiful way to merge technology with elegance and comfort.


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