Microsoft has announced its Spring Sale event at its online store. Needless to say, such events almost always have to do with eye-popping discounts and exciting offers. And the latest Spring Sale event doesn’t disappoint either.

Starting from April 11, the Spring Sale will last a week, i.e. until April 17. During this time, there will be as much as 67 percent discount on some Xbox Store games, which includes the likes of Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Bioshock Infinite, to name just a few. Those who are members of Xbox Live Gold are in for an extra 10 percent discount.

Just in case you are not a Gold member yet, the Xbox maker has some equally lucrative offers as well. Calling upon all Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft announced the Gold membership can be availed of by paying just $1 for the first month of membership. The same normally costs $10 when paid monthly or $60 for an entire year’s subscription.

Similarly, the Xbox Design Lab controllers too have been made cheaper by $15 during the sale period. The controller otherwise costs $80.

No sale would have been complete without some lucrative hardware offers. And Microsoft is at its generous best here as well, offering up to $150 off on the Surface Pro 4. Some select PCs too will have its price slashed by $100 during the sale.

That is not all as the software giant also announced the launch of a special Graduation Gift Guide on April 24. There will be special prices announced on the said date for devices such as the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 along with other Windows PCs and tablets which should serve as the perfect gift for someone who might have just graduated.

On the whole, there seems something for everyone. Here’s a selection of handpicked deals from the Microsoft Store for you.

Microsoft Windows Store Spring Sale: Xbox One consoles, games, and controllers

Microsoft Windows Store Spring Sale: Surface Pro 4 and Book

Microsoft Windows Store Spring Sale: Windows 10 PCs


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