The much-awaited Windows 10 Creator Update (version 1703), the third feature update to Windows 10 since its initial release in July 2015, is finally here. Well sort of at least, as Microsoft stated the rollout has begun on April 11 and will continue in phases.

While the newer PC devices would be the first to get the update, older devices will be getting it later. The rollout will also depend on geographic locations so that it could even be months for the update to reach the end user.

The same also applies to Windows 10 Mobile devices, which will be getting the Creators Update starting April 25.

What’s new in Windows 10 Creators Update?

The reason version 1703 is being so named the Creators Update is because it is supposed to enhance the creativity of users. That said, there are a lot of new features are coming along with functional improvements. Here’s are a few more interesting features of Windows 10 Creators Update:

Cortana: The Microsoft virtual assistant will be more deeply integrated with the way the device works, thereby providing you with a handy guide to various aspects of using the device. From setting reminders, making targeted searches to even help you with the setup process, the Cortana is smarter than ever before.

Picture-in-Picture: This is designed to enhance the functionality of the Windows 10 platform all the more as it allows you to watch a movie or a TV show in a window that pops above other windows. You get to work on the underlying apps without missing out on your favorite shows.

Paint 3D: The good old Paint app that used to be a default image editor of all Windows iterations has had a rebirth of sorts, and is known as Paint 3D in its new avatar. Also, as its name implies, you get to draw 3D images with élan, besides having lot more features to play around with. It is a lot more touch friendly too, as it has been made to respond to stylus inputs.

Game Mode: This is something that ardent gamers have been waiting with bated breath for. Designed to enhance the appeal of Windows 10 for Games, the particular Xbox app setting allows for fine-tuning of CPU and GPU resources to allow for a game to have the best possible support for it to run effortlessly.

Night Light: While iOS and Android already had it – with different names – for long, it is good to see Microsoft finally introducing the same in Windows 10 via the Creators Update. The overall function though is similar, that of killing the blue light from the display progressively as the sun outside begins its descent westwards. So the more the night approaches, less will be blue light emanated from the display. This again has been linked to better sleep pattern for the user by reducing stress to the brain.

Edge: The IE replacement is getting mightier by the day with the Creators Update introducing some cool new features. Those include better tab management while the reader will enable you to make the most of the new books section in the Store that the update introduces.

Improved Security: Not only has the Windows Hello been enhanced so that login procedures are more efficient and faster but there is also the new Dynamic Lock that acts to lock the your Windows 10 PC when you are away from it. This happens by way of pairing PC with either your smartphone or a smart wearable using Bluetooth. That way, the system will know when you – or for that matter, your phone or wearable – are close to the device or moved away from it and will unlock/lock your PC accordingly.

Privacy controls: Those too has been given a once over to introduce better transparency. So you have better control of the data that Microsoft collects and will, in fact, prompt you to configure features like location, speech recognition, ads and so on.

So how to download and install Windows 10 Creators Update

One way to upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update and the simplest one is to let your PC get updated automatically. You will be prompted, of course, to make some setting changes before the upgrade process starts. You will also have the option to withhold the update for some time (or even days) if you so want, besides also making adjustments to the ‘active hours’ setting if you do not wish to be disturbed by an update prompt.

Then there also is the method of manually downloading the update. For that, you will have to visit the Microsoft Software Download Site and click on the ‘Update now’ link to begin with the installation process through Upgrade Assistant. Or if you are an advanced user, you can tryout the Media Creation Tool which will help you to make ISOs or upgrade to the Creators Update, or even clean installs from scratch.


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