Those who might still have been holding on to their iPad 4 devices and it requires a service could be in for a pleasant surprise; for Apple is now providing the more up-to-date iPad Air 2 as replacement devices.

The reason for the above is simple; Apple is running out of stock of the iPad 4. The device which was launched back in 2012 has long ceased to be in production. With a stock of the fourth gen unit depleting fast, Apple has taken to the next best solution, to offer the more recent iPad Air 2 as replacement units.

The iPad Air 2 was launched in 2014 and has been in production for more than two years. So it is only natural for the company to have the Air 2 more readily available.

That said, any iPad 4 does not qualify for the replacement program. Rather, Apple has let the store manager and authorized service staff decide if a particular iPad 4 qualifies for the replacement. Also, the newer Air 2 model is only offered just in case the store has run out of stocks of the older iPad 4.

As such, much of what you are getting will depend on the stock levels of various iPad models in the region. What that also means is that you might have to check various stores to find out what they are offering.

As for the device itself, the Air 2 which came to replace the iPad 4 offers a host of improvements over its predecessor. Those include a faster processor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor hidden within the home button, more capable front and rear cams, an enhanced retina display along with a slimmer build.

Those who qualify for the newer Air 2 are also in for a bump in internal memory given that the device is currently available in 32 GB and 128 GB options. The same with 16 GB and 64 GB were discontinued for some time already.

As for the choice of colors, the Air 2 is available in Space Grey, Silver with the gold color options introduced more recently.

Meanwhile, it has only been weeks that Apple had discontinued the iPad Air 2 and launched in its place a new tablet that is simply known as the iPad.


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