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Xbox June 2022 Update lets you reveal secret achievements – TheSixthAxis

The June system update for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles is here, and it’s a fairly minimal update at best. as it adds a way to reveal secret achievements and aims to improve the speed with which the consoles can check for game updates.
After installing the Xbox June update, you’ll be able to reveal achievements in a variety of different ways. When in-game, you can open the Guide overlay, go to Game Activity > Achievements and then tap on a secret achievement to reveal its title, description and Gamerscore value. Once you’ve had a look, you can then go back and hide it or continue to display the details.
Alternatively, you can reveal secret achievements in any of the apps and tools that let you track your achievements. So that’s on consoles, in the Xbox app for Android and iOS, the Xbox app on PC, and in the Game Bar on Windows.
Xbox June Update Secret Achievements
It’s a small thing, but good to see, after Sony implemented a similar feature for the secret trophies at PlayStation 5’s launch. Secret achievements can hide certain story details from view and preserve plot beats, but they can also be super-duper annoying if kept secret from daft things like “Punch a door 17 times within 10 second”, or whatever. Really, all that having secret achievements in games does is push people who want to find them out to go to search engines to look them up.
The bigger change, for everyday usability, will be the background improvements to the update system on Xbox. This has been one of the more clunky parts of the system software for a long time now, with searching for updates taking a long time, and then the details of available updates disappearing if you navigate too far away from that menu. Here’s hoping this has been sorted out once and for all, especially as it will go hand-in-hand with the console’s ability to download updates in the energy saving standby mode, which was highlighted in March.
Microsoft also dropped word of what is coming to Xbox Game Pass in the month of June, with the 60FPS boost to Assassin’s Creed Origins a highlight, alongside space shooter Chorus, indie action puzzler Disc Room, Ninja Gaiden Master Collection and more.
The free games included in Xbox Games with Gold for June, meanwhile, features Super Meat Boy and Aven Colony.
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