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Apple thinks to deep integrate LinkedIn in iOS 7


Apple is testing a deep integration of LinkedIn in iOS 7 as we’ve already seen with Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr. Specifically, Apple is likely to introduce a LinkedIn button to share all kinds of content on the social network dedicated to professionals.

The possible interest of Cupertino to a native integration of LinkedIn in iOS 7 has been discovered in a few lines of code unearthed in the first beta of the mobile operating system. The code shows a single sign-on for LinkedIn account which would allows consumers to share content on the social network easily.

LinkedIn in iOS 7
Credits: 9to5mac

Therefore in the future, anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad Touch or iPad with running iOS 7 could publish posts and links to your LinkedIn account directly, without performing multiple login, just like you do today with Facebook and Twitter. According to the Hamza Sood, the strings and the code for the feature are not complete and misses the key parts to make it work.

It is currently unclear whether Apple has really chosen to integrate LinkedIn in iOS 7 or it will disappear after internal testing. Previously, Apple has tested support for Facebook in iOS 4 but removed in the final release and then again introduced in iOS 6 after almost two years.

Therefore, there are the possibility that the Apple decides to wait for a possible collaboration with LinkedIn to integrate it at the system level. It must be said that OS X Mavericks added native support for sharing post and links on your social networks, and it is most likely to be followed in OS 7.

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