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Sprint announces free unlimited everything offer with a catch


When it comes to telecom packages, there is nothing like free unlimited stuff. And it should be least surprising Sprint is resorting to those keywords when it has come up with a new plan to poach on rivals – or shall we say Verizon – subscribers.

As the deal goes, there is a year’s worth of free unlimited data, text and talk. Plus there is another 10 GB of hotspot data on offer as well for anyone willing to migrate from their present carriers to Sprint. You got to have the eligible devices though, which comprises of the more recent Android and iPhone handsets.

However, such deals rarely come without any strings attached to them. As such, there is quite some reading between the lines that you need to do so as not to end up lamenting your move later.

First off, the offer is not entirely free as is being advertised as you still need to pay $2.99 for the new SIM card. Then there is another monthly fee of $1.99 applicable. Both the charges are again taxable as well, so you end up paying a bit more than the two clubbed together.

Thereafter, while you are entitled to 4G LTE data, gaming streams would cap off at 8Mbps and music at 1.5Mbps. Also, the max resolution you can expect the videos to stream at is 1080p. That is not all as your data will also drop down on the priority list during network congestions.

Further, data speeds would drop to 2G once you cross the 10 GB hotspot limit. Sure you will be able to top up 4G LTE data, which will accrue an additional cost of $15/1 GB. All transactions need to be performed online, which happens to be another prime requisite to qualify for the scheme.

In fact, the entire promotion is being carried out digitally so that no physical Sprint stores are involved in it in any capacity. Not only such a move will save advertising costs, the company is also eager to see if they can engage with their customers in an all-digital landscape.

The deal starts today and will run till the end of June. Once past the one year limit, customers have the choice to either continue with Sprint, which is what the carrier is hoping for, or move on to any carrier of their choice.

However, given Sprint’s not so good network quality, chances are that not many are likely to be seen making the move. And if they do, they would surely lament their move unless Sprint takes proactive steps to improve its service significantly. As of now, Sprint is at the bottom rung among the big four carriers in the US.


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