Reliance Jio might have had its first brush with a major data breach even though things seem to be under control as of now. However, that is not before a site named ‘’ managed to display the details of Jio account holders. Almost 120 million users data is compromised and it is available on dark web for 19 BTC.

Things are reported to have first been detected around Sunday evening when the site claimed to have breached Indian Telecom giant Reliance Jio’s security. The news spread across various social channels such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Reddit India. By around 11 at night, the site crashed presumably due to heavy traffic as Jio users flocked to the site to find out if their details have been leaked.

The site which has later been found to have been registered in India had a simple layout. It just asked for the Jio number as input and would then display other details like the full name of the subscriber, the region from which it has been activated along with the date and time it was activated.

Those might seem the leak to be rudimentary at the most, more so given that Aadhar details have not be revealed. However, you never know if that is how things really stand or if the hackers have been clever enough to project the breach to be less severe than what it really is.

What is also not clear is the extent of the breach as it is not known how many Jio customers might have been affected. Reliance sought to play down the incident claiming all user data are maintained as per strict security procedures of the highest order.

Reliance also stated they are already pursuing the alleged website along with all it had to share with investigators looking into the matter. Those seem to be no hollow words either given that the site ‘’ was first found to be not revealing any details even after an authentic Jio number is provided. Last checked the site is now showing the message that the ‘Account has been suspended’.


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