The Galaxy S8 is no doubt the best Android handset in the planet right now though the S8 story surely isn’t over unless you have the Active variant of it as well. And the same is in the works too, with the recent leak of the handset courtesy of a Samsung insider being the most conclusive proof that.

As has been the tradition with the Active variants of the Samsung ‘S’ series flagship phones, the upcoming S8 Active too will inherit all that the S8 stands for. That includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4 gigs of RAM and the 64 gigs of native storage. The front and rear cams too are exactly the same, as is the fingerprint sensor that continues to occupy the same rather awkward position just beside the rear cam.

The battery capacity though is now a higher 4,000mAh from the 3,000mAh that the standard Galaxy S8 comes with. That again is a must-have, especially when you are far away from civilization battling the elements, every extra cell will count.

The ‘Active key’ too has been done away with. In its place is the Bixby button that you won’t be able to remap to any other functions. That is unlike the ‘Active key’ on the standard S8 that you have the option to remap to launch any other program of your choice.

Unfortunately, the best thing that the S8 has come to be known for won’t be there anymore. That refers to the brilliant curved displays. Instead, it is a conventional 5.8-inch flat screen that the S8 Active comes with.

That is not all as the extra paddings on all sides have made a complete mockery of the famed ‘Infinity Display’. In its place, there will be thick paddings on all sides that make the front display seem to like being caged with thick bezels creeping in from all sides.

Bixby is now a complete voice assistant, though only in the US

That said, the above changes too are what the Active version stands for. In place of elegance and sleek build, what you get with the Active S8 is military grade ruggedness that ensures survivability in almost any condition, be it dust, rain, slush or snow.

Gone will be the slim build as well, with the S8 Active being 1.5 times thicker than its regular version. There should be a similar increase in weight as well, though it is not known by how much. Further, as with all Active variants so far, the S8 Active will also be exclusive to the AT&T.


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