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Logitech Harmony Hub for iOS & Android coming to US, Europe for $99.99


Logitech has announced that the ‘Logitech Harmony Hub’ for iOS and Android will be available in the United States and Europe starting from the month of August. The Logitech Harmony Hub has been priced at $99.99 and Logitech claims that the device will transform your iOS and Android smartphones into ‘universal remotes’ that can be used in various different ways.

Earlier, the Logitech Harmony Hub was available along with a number of other offerings that made the overall price of the product go high. Now that the company wants to try and gain more customers, it’s offering the Harmony Hub as a standalone device that has been priced just below $100. The Logitech Harmony Hub can be yours for $99.99, and using this hub you will be able to control up to eight different devices, with your smartphone acting as the remote control.

If you are wondering how this stuff works, the system uses an app which communicates with the hub in order to provide IR, RF and WiFi support. This allows you to control different devices without having to get up from your place or use multiple remotes. And as mentioned earlier, this Logitech Harmony Hub will be available in the US and selected markets of Europe starting from August.

Recently, Logitech announced that the company has plans to scale down its work force, and it seems that this is the reason why the company started focusing on mobile products. The company even revealed its plans to sell off its entire remote control division, but will still keep ownership of the entire Harmony remote product line.

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