Facebook has introduced yet another new feature that improves and enhances the way consumers comment on posts. This new feature is called ‘Photo Comments’ which is actually an improvement to the already existing comment feature.

With the introduction of Photo Comments, you can now comment on a post by simply adding an image. The difference here is that earlier consumers used to write a comment and then attach an image, which would then be posted below the commented text. So now you don’t necessarily have to use words when you want to comment on posts.

Image via Flickr, PhotKing
Image via Flickr, PhotKing

Interesting enough, the Photo Comments feature was built during a Facebook employee hackathon, and the idea has now made it to the final product. Facebook has started rolling out this new feature globally on the web as well as the Facebook mobile site. As of now, this feature is not available in Facebook mobile apps, meaning that you cannot leave photo comments but you can view them. Facebook is currently working hard to bring this feature to mobile apps with a new update that will hit online stores very soon.

So if you want to try out Photo Comments yourself, then this is how you do it. Once you find a post you want to comment on, simply click on the camera icon present besides the text box where you would otherwise have typed your text message comment. Once you get the pop-up, simply upload an image from your computer and you are done.

Have fun with this new feature and let us know what you feel about Photo Comments.