The cyber security expert who had not too long ago stopped the WannaCry ransomware has been arrested on another malware attack case. Ironically, Marcus Hutchins was arrested when he was attending a hacking conference, BlackHat, and DefCon in Las Vegas. The conference is considered the world’s largest of its type that the who’s who from the cyber security field makes it a point to attend.

As per details released by the FBI, Hutchins, 23, is wanted in a case where he stands accused of assisting in the creation, spreading and maintenance of a malware named Trojan Kronos during the period from 2014 and 2015. The malware was aimed at stealing the banking details such as passwords and other info that allowed the hackers to illegally decamp with the money.

The banking malware was spread via emails containing attachments. Clicking or downloading such attachments is believed to have enabled the hackers to gain access to the stored bank login information.

Meanwhile, there also happens to be another mysterious person who is considered a co-accused in the case even though his identity is being kept a secret for now. Hutchins is believed to have created the malware while the other person did the marketing, having sold it online for $2,000.

The latest arrest has nothing to do with the heroic exploits that Hutchins is associated with given his single-handed dealing with the WannaCry ransomware. FBI stated the arrest is related to a case that clearly has happened before the WannaCry ransomware was let loose.

Hutchins, who prides in being an ethical hacker had earlier came to be applauded for the manner he managed to stop the WannaCry menace. The hacker then had stated he made good of the kill stitch that he had chanced upon, leading to the decimation of the threat which otherwise had spread to hundreds of thousands of Windows powered PC across around 150 countries worldwide.

Hutchins was also awarded $10,000 for his feat though he had then donated the entire sum to charity.


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