Sony has once again found itself at the receiving end of another hacking incident, with the latest being its PlayStation Twitter and Facebook accounts that have been compromised. The feat has been pulled off by OurMine, a Saudi Arabia based firm that prefers to identify itself as a security firm rather than just a bunch of hackers at work.

Sony though has been quick to regain control of the said accounts, and have deleted all traces of OurMine on their platform. But during the brief period that the hackers were on the loose, they sent out Tweets to existing members, informing them of the state of their accounts.

Interestingly, OurMine also suggested the PlayStation members to get in touch with them to discuss ways to enhance their online security. As a nice break from several of the mega online hacking incidents recorded in the recent past, the Saudi firm has stated they aren’t in the business of making money by selling the personal details of the affected individuals.

Instead, what seems to be the motive behind the hack is to promote the security company’s own prospects in providing end to end security solutions for individuals. That sure makes for a rather unusual or sort of a hard-hitting marketing strategy it remains doubtful if that can impress anyone, particularly the ones whose accounts you have compromised.

The Twitter account alone of PlayStation Network has 14.6 million followers, which should provide an idea of the extent of damage the security breach might have caused. Also while Sony claims to have regained complete control of PSN’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, there already is a lot of confusion prevailing.

For instance, there is one individual who voiced his concerns about the status of their card and login credentials, whether they continue to be safe post the incident. There is no official statement from Sony so far and till that is available, there going to be a lingering sense of insecurity, it must be said.

Also, while OurMine has stated they won’t be misusing the details they have mined from the latest hack, there is no way one can be sure of that, more so since they are believed to be using the login details stolen during the MySpace and LinkedIn hacks of 2016 to power its latest Sony PSN hack.

Meanwhile, it has only been this August 17 that OurMine had hacked into the Twitter account of HBO as well as the Facebook page for Game of Thrones.


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