Andy Rubin’s company Essential has found itself in the midst of a data leak controversy it could have easily done without. Fortunately, it didn’t fireball into a huge controversy as it was just 70 customers whose personal details got compromised in the end. Better still, it is Andy Rubin himself who has got into the damage control act.

All of it started when Essential asked its customers to send their driving license details in order to confirm their shipping addresses. No issues with that except that the information was sought over email.

The customers eagerly complied though trouble started when the message got forwarded to all those in the list. As has already been mentioned, there were 70 odd customers on that list and everyone got to see what’s in their co-customers driving licenses.

Shouldn’t be too big a deal though it is a breach of privacy nonetheless. Rubin attributed the lapse to the scores of things that he has to look after personally as part of his daily job profile, including as it is evident, seeking photo ID proof of its customers. This is also something that Rubin described as the pains that you have to endure when you are launching a start-up and a product almost simultaneously.

Rubin is also offering a year’s subscription of LifeLock as a means to offset the data leak disadvantage. Also, the offer is extended to only the 70 customers whose details got leaked inadvertently.

Rubin took to the company blog to pen his thoughts on the development where he sought to explain all that he has to go through being the founder of the company. While he made the point the entire episode was purely accidental, he chose to compare it with like eating crow knowing perfect well that it does not taste good.

Rubin’s firm earlier launched the Essential smartphone which breaks new ground so far as the design and functionality of smartphones are concerned. Accompanying the handset will be a slew of modular attachable – like a 360 degree for now – that will extend the operational capabilities of a phone.

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That is not all as Rubin has also vowed to introduce a new Android, one that will be AI enabled to allow for automation of several regular tasks so that we don’t have to manually prevail over all that we do over smartphones.

While we sure look forward to all that, we sure hope the minor hiccups like the one above are reduced to just the bare minimum, if not completely eliminated.


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