It is going to be the 12th of September that Apple has said it will be hosting an event. Now it has hosted such event almost every fall season for the last ten years since the iPhone was launched. And that precisely is the reason this year’s event is going to be special, for its going to be the 10th anniversary of the iconic mobile that changed for ever the way we compute and communicate.

Also, it is a feat that no other mobile maker can boast of right now. That’s simply because Apple are the pioneers here, with all others following suit. No wonder the craze for this year’s event is already shooting through the roof, and is already shaping up to be one of the most keenly awaited tech events of the year. Keeping up with the proceedings will be simple for those already in the Apple family though for Android or Windows users, they still can stay tuned of the proceedings. Here is how.

For those willing to watch on a Windows device, you can do so via Microsoft Edge browser. Click on the Apple iPhone 8 Launch event. Open the link on your Edge browser and should be good to go.

Things are somewhat more complicated if you intend to catch up with the event on an Android device. For this you will have to download and install VLC player, the tried and tested app known for its ability to run just about any media file.

Once installation is complete, launch VLC player. Tap on the hamburger icon and select the ‘Stream’ option. Insert the link mentioned below in the URL field.


Tap on ‘Play’ for the streaming to be initiated. However, doing so right now might trigger error messages since the streaming can only begin once the Apple event gets underway.

The above method also works for Windows devices as well. Just download and install VLC Player and click/tab on Media. Select ‘Open Network Stream’ next.

You can set things up at the moment and select Play on Sept 12. The event starts sharp at 10 A.M. PDT and is being held at the Steve Jobs Theatre situated with Apple’s new campus that has come to be known as the spaceship campus.


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