Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PlayStation 4

The step back from Microsoft on the policy of Digital Right Management for games on Xbox One seems to have changed the climate around the new console. A recent poll organized by Amazon on its Facebook page shows a clear preference of users towards the Sony PlayStation 4, where PlayStation 4 collected a considerably more number of votes than the Xbox One. However, after Microsoft’s decision to change the policy on DRM, it seems that consumer’s interest has returned to the new console from Microsoft.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4
Credits: Amazon on Facebook

In fact, according to the British website of famous online store Amazon, Xbox One has passed the new PlayStation 4 in terms of preorders. This is obviously not a reliable and definitive source for future sales projections, but its a certain indication of climate change around the new Xbox One. The Xbox One is currently on the first place among the most entertaining video products sold on the English Amazon store. The PlayStation 4 stands on the second place followed by the Last of Us for PlayStation 3 on third.

It should be noted that changes to the policy on DRM will allows users to land, share or give the games developed for the Xbox One to others, just like you do with Xbox 360 games today.

Microsoft has listened to the feedback from the users and has extended the same policy to the Xbox One that is already in vogue for Xbox 360. Ofcourse, there is a significant change with respect to the initial data, and Amazon seems to be doing pretty well for sales of the new console that will come during the month of November at a price of $499 (€499).


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