Reports of a foldable phone from Samsung have been doing the rounds for some time now, and it seems we might be heading towards something more concrete this time. All of it can be traced to a news report claiming such a device to have even been granted certification in South Korea.

Bearing model number SM-G888N0, the device is believed to have been certified by the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). The device though is listed as ‘Equipment of radio equipment for LTE mobile communication’.

However, a previous device bearing a similar model number but listed as a smartphone on Wi-Fi Alliance has led many to believe the more recent incarnation will also be a smartphone. Further, the last two alphabets – ‘NO’ is believed to denote its exclusivity to South Korea, at least for the moment.

Also, any premium phone that Samsung launches is bound to draw a comparison with Apple iPhone. And it goes without saying, such a device will no doubt be a tough match for the iPhone X, the latest anniversary iPhone version. As it is, Apple is already rumored to be facing production issues with the iPhone X. If those aren’t ironed out soon enough, it no doubt might have to cede some ground to something undoubtedly more revolutionary as the Galaxy X.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Specs, Features comparison

Interestingly, Samsung too seems to be adopting the same naming convention as Apple did with the latest iPhone 8 range and the anniversary iPhone X. In much the same manner, chances are that Samsung too will launch the Galaxy S9 range together with the Galaxy X denoting the more exclusive offering that would be sold for a premium.

As for its likely launch windows, there seems nothing solid to base our assumptions on at the moment. The usual schedule for Samsung to launch its flagship phones is spring for the S series and autumn for the Note range. The S and the Note series also serve as the bread-n-butter segment for Samsung. Those are the last thing Samsung will like it’s more radical Galaxy X to tinker with. As such, maybe the new foldable Galaxy X might get to see the light of day around mid-2018, between the S9 and Note 9 launches.


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