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Joe Belfiore confirms it is the end of the road for Windows Phone


For those who might still have been harboring dreams of Microsoft Windows Mobile making a comeback, here comes the harsh truth – the company has finally made it known in clear terms the platform is no longer among its focus areas. That the revelation comes directly from Corporate vice president of Windows 10 and head of Microsoft’s “PC-Tablet-Phone” division, Joe Belfiore should also be a clear indication of this being the clearest sign so far of the impending death of Windows Mobile.

Belfiore has been responding to fan’s tweets when he cleared the air about the company’s plans with Windows Mobile. The VP though assured the platform will continue to be supported so that bug fixes and updates would be released when needed. However, he ruled out the launch of any new Windows 10 Mobile features or any new hardware based on it.

The last time Microsoft had launched a mobile was in February 2016 when the Lumia 650 was released. Design has never been an issue with any of its Lumia branded handsets and the Lumia 650 too was quite a looker. However, its specs fell short of what the competition had to offer at that point in time vis-a-vis the price segment it was operating in. No wonder, it fell out of people’s favor soon thereafter.

Microsoft had also tried positioning its Windows 10 Mobile powered handsets to be an extension of its PCs, giving the phones some sort of a mini-PC like feel. There also has been the Continuum feature that let users to enable the phones to function as a PC when connected to a display. Unfortunately, none of that worked, and the culprit can be zoomed in to the lack of enough app in the Windows ecosystem.

Towards that, Belfiore said they have worked ‘very hard’ to convince developers to build apps for the Windows Phone platform. However, the lack of enough user base proved to be the bane that prevented developers to invest on Windows Phone.

That the Windows Mobile division is already wound up within Microsoft can be evident from the recent confession by none other than Bill Gates who said he has started using an Android phone. HP too said they are pulling the plug on its Elite X3 handset, the last of Windows Phone that was still being sold.

All of this sure makes for a testing period for hard-core Windows Phone fans. There is still hope though considering that Microsoft is reported to be working on Andromeda platform which it had earlier said will unleash a paradigm shift in the way smartphones have operated so far. There has also been a lot of noise about a landmark Surface phone being in the making as well. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft positions itself in the mobile space post the demise of Windows 10 Mobile given the sheer scale of the segment itself.


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