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Samsung patent palm scanning technology, might debut in future Galaxy phone

Samsung has applied for a new patent that hints at using the entire palm as a security feature, one that will help the user retrieve lost passwords. This again would serve as one up over the fingerprint scanning technology that all current Samsung phones rely on, with just the lines of the fingers used to authenticate users.

As is revealed in the associated documents, a person can use the lines of his or her palm to recover forgotten passwords. However, the system won’t show the entire password on the phone’s display. Instead, while the tech will use the unique palm lines to hide the actual password, bits of it will be hinted to the user so that they can recall the same.

Also, while the patent documents reveal the use of the feature to recollect forgotten password, there is no reason to believe the same won’t be used as a security feature as well in future Galaxy smartphones. That implies using the palm scanning feature as the primary means of authenticating a user, something that could even replace the finger scanning feature currently in use.

The above patent also assumes significance in light of Apple adopting the radical new Face ID tech. In fact, so confident Apple is of the credibility of Face ID that it has even gone on to replace the Touch ID tech it revolutionized years back.

However, as has been revealed in a few instances, the Face ID does have its shortcomings, particularly when faced by identical twins. There has also been the instance of a kid being able to unlock his mother’s iPhone X though that has since been rectified once the mother reset her Face ID in a different light conditions.

That again goes to highlight the sheer number of factors Face ID has to take into account for it to be genuinely as reliable as Apple would like us to believe it really is. In comparison, palm lines can be more reliable as even twins will have unique lines, making it easily recognizable to differentiate between the two.

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The patent also brings to fore the separate path the two tech titans are expected to follow with their future devices. With Apple sticking to Face ID, investing more resources to make it more effective, Samsung it seems will be exploring more options with finger/pal scanning technologies for incorporation in future flagship Galaxy devices.

As to the expected timeframe to see the tech debuting in an actual phone, that is anybody’s guess right now.

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