Those hoping to flaunt the Apple AirPods this holiday season are in for a rude shock, the earbuds have all sold out, and new stocks are not expected until 2018. There might be some unsold stock still left with a few retailers as well as a few Apple retail or online stores thought the numbers might be woefully low.

Apple online store is already mentioning the delivery time for the AirPod as the second week of January at the latest. The same goes for other big-name retailers like Walmart or Best Buy though most are quoting delivery schedule as the first or second week of January. AT&T seems to have some stocks left though those too are likely to fly off in no time given the heavy demand for the same.

So those wishing to give the earbuds as a holiday gift will either have to junk the idea or be prepared to pay out a premium, as any remaining stocks will no doubt come for at the moment when the holiday shopping is at its peak.

Demand and supply gap for the AirPod meanwhile isn’t anything new given that the same has existed since it was launched in December last year. Apple, of course, has been doing their bit to increase production and things too improved though things didn’t last long enough.

CEO Tim Cook had assured buyers they have increased production and are hoping for quicker delivery times. That was in August and delivery times did come down to 3-5 days though things seem to have hit a rough patch somewhere again affecting normal shipping schedules.

In any case, this also can be an opportunity for makers of other wireless earbuds to showcase their products. Interestingly, there is the BeatsX on offer from Apple itself, one that also boasts of the same W1 chip that also powers the AirPods. However, BeatsX sports a more conventional design and is unlike the portability that the AirPods stands for. Among the other alternative that buyers can opt for include the Samsung IconX.

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On the whole, the increasing demand for the AirPod makes one thing clear, that the wireless earbuds have come of age and are here to stay for quite some time.


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