Under Armour, the popular sportswear brand said its subsidiary; MyFitness Pal has been hacked and 150 million users account being compromised. Among the details, hacker have had access to include email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords of the users.

Under Armour, however, stated no financial info or other sensitive details have been leaked. As such, no credit card numbers have been lost to the hackers, which can be the only bright spot in the entire episode. The company as part of its policy does not collect details like social security numbers or driver’s license numbers, which is another reason the hack is of less severity.

The sportswear brand said they came to know of the breach only on March 25 even though the actual hacking is believed to have happened around February itself. The company already got into the damage control act, which includes informing the affected users of the hack.

The company also urged such users to change their passwords right away, which is the first logical thing to do post the revelation of a hack. While the security breach can’t exactly be considered to be too severe in intensity, the sheer number of users affected makes this to be considerable in magnitude.

No wonder, the company’s shares already dropped 4 percent immediately after the incident came to light. The company also stated investigations into the incident are already underway and has pledged all support to the law enforcement agencies and data security firms. So far, there has been no information regarding the identity of the hacker while none have claimed responsibility of the act as well.

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Under Armour had acquired MyFitnessPal in 2015 for $475 million, since then its user base has almost doubled from 80 million to 150 million as of now. The firm which provides dietary and exercises information based on a user’s activity has also been popular given its platform-independent approach so that it serves users with all kinds of devices.


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