Changing phone numbers is never a chore in today’s age; what with almost all telecom operators having a separate section almost entirely dedicated to welcoming new-comers.

However, that’s just a fraction of the story as informing all known contacts of the new number is much more daunting. Updating the number in the dozens of other services that the user is attached too is equally challenging and time-taking.

Fortunately, popular messaging app WhatsApp has an easy solution to this wherein users can not only change their numbers, but they can also inform their contacts of the change easily. That is not all as all of their messages, and everything else too remains intact so long as the device itself remains the same.

The change is part of WhatsApp’s ‘change number’ feature though that still is in beta stages. While users always had the option to change their numbers, the facility to inform individual contacts of the change is new, and a welcome additional feature at that.

WhatsApp is also providing more options at the user’s disposal so far as the new intimation feature is concerned. That includes the ability to inform only those contacts that the user has chats with or only specific contacts as selected by the user. The other option will, of course, be to inform all users at one go.

The change will be applicable for WhatsApp installation on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The Android beta version 2.18.97 contains the said new feature at the moment though it will soon make it to the Windows and iOS versions as well.

How to notify all WhatsApp contacts if the phone number is switched

1. Go to the Settings-> Account-> Change Number.
2. Enter the New Number and verify it.
3. You will see a notification “You are about to change number
4. On the same page you will see options under “Notify my Contacts

  • a) All contacts
  • b) Contacts I have chats with
  • c) Custom…

Meanwhile, in another related development, the new WhatsApp version has also been made lighter in that it would go on to consume less of memory. This happens to be another pertinent issue with apps as each new update only goes on to increase its size all the more. Breaking the tradition, the new beta WhatsApp will be 6 MB lighter, something that has been achieved by removing 20 libraries.


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