It is that time of the year again when Apple paints its iPhone with a bright shade of red. The specific color option will, however, be applicable to only the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and is part of Apple’s social commitment towards preventing the spread of AIDS.

The special edition (Product), Red iPhone version, has its entire rear glass portion done up in red. The same extends to the side metal portion too while the front looks stunning in a contrasting shade of black. Also, as is well known, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the special edition red iPhone version will go to Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants.

For those not in the knowing, the organization is engaged in providing counseling, testing, and treatment facilities to those affected by AIDS in Africa. The organization is also vigilant towards preventing the transmission of the virus from mother to their babies.

It is not known though what portion of the proceeds from the sale of the iPhone duo will be channelized towards the RED program. Apple has been partners with the organization since 2006 and has since donated $160 million towards the cause. That also makes the company the single largest corporate donor the organization has had so far.

The special edition (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 8 will be on offer for the same regular price. That stands at $699 for a 64 GB iPhone 8 and $799 for the iPhone Plus, both being the introductory prices with subsequent models with higher storage costing more. Apart from the new color option, everything else with the iPhone 8 remains just the same.

Also, the special edition version is only application the latest gen iPhone models with the anniversary iPhone X edition remaining out of its purview.

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Apple had launched the iPhone 7 with the special red color scheme last year as well. However, the version was available only till the end of the year, which is also likely the period till when the current special edition iPhone 8 will also be available. There is no confirmation on this from Apple though the company said pre-orders for the special edition iPhone 8 will start from April 10. Shipping starts Friday, April 13th.


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