Windows Phone Lumia 950 XL

Here is something that Microsoft has been really keen to achieve for some time, clear whatever stocks of Windows Phone hardware that might be lying unsold with the company. And now that has been reached three years after it had introduced what has now turned out to be the last of the Lumia phones.

The company had already stated they aren’t committed to the mobile segment with as much zeal as they were before. Now with the last of the Lumia phones having being sold, it remains to be seen what the company has in store for the mobile segment.

The company right now has gone back to its roots – that of a software provider – so far as its strategy for the mobile segment is concerned. In the same vein, the company is also selling the latest Samsung mobile hardware on its store. The catch here is that the S9, S9+, S8, S8+ and Note 8 all comes with the full suite of Microsoft software pre-loaded. And for those who is looking for something different, there is the Razor Phone as well.

Also, with the Lumia devices now relegated to history, rumors of the elusive Surface Phone are back once again. This time, its piggybacking speculations that Windows Phone related APIs could once again be making a comeback in the Windows 10 Redstone 5 build. The same were unceremoniously removed from the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

The Redmond giant meanwhile is also pushing ahead with its Always-Connected PC dreams where it envisages PCs built around the ARM64 Snapdragon chipsets. Such PCs will also come with inbuilt mobile LTE modems just as is the case with smartphones but will field full-fledged Windows 10 software.

Such Always-Connected PCs are like mobiles in that it comes with its own mobile connection and hence does not have to depend on an external Wi-Fi network to get online. However, the PCs cannot make any phone calls though that seems set for a change now that all Windows Phone related APIs are expected to be back again.

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So with the right dialler software, making phone calls will be possible once again, fuelling hopes the company could be contemplating fielding a suitable hardware in the hugely competitive but lucrative mobile segment once again. And a Surface Phone has been the top contender here for the past few years, even when the Lumia line-up was still in existence.


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