Facebook has introduced new measures to further fortify its login authentication feature, which includes a new process of initializing two-factor authentication that does not require a phone number.

The above is brought about by introducing access to third party authenticator apps that can be used to verify the credentials of the user. As such, apps such as Duo Security or Google Authenticator can also serve the purpose. In fact, as Facebook claimed, the new process of initializing two-factor authentication using apps will allow for better user convenience as it is a more simpler process.

The other and more conventional means to employ two-factor authentication is, of course, using a mobile device as the second factor. While logging in, Facebook would send a unique numerical code to the phone number provided. It is only after entering the code that the user will be granted access to the site.

Two-factor authentication is also considered one of the most trusted yet simple means of validating the credential of the user. For even after the Facebook account has been compromised, hackers will still need to have physical access to the phone to get the code for signing in.

Facebook also stated the new security feature would be introduced by way of an update that has already started to roll out. To enable the feature, users will have to go to the Security and Login tab under Settings. There, users will have specifically opt for two-factor authentication, a post which users will be guided via a series of easy to follow steps.

The said update should also take care of the bug that was earlier found to send messages to phone numbers earmarked for two-factor authentication. However, those messages turned out to have nothing to do with security or even contained promotional material and were being sent out to users without their consent.

None of that is likely to happen again now that Facebook has employed the use of authenticator apps for the purpose. This also ensures enhanced security with zero hassles as well.


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