Twitter has updated the Vine app for Android platform. The update brings along a number of improvements and bug fixes, and most importantly adds a new feature that many consumers have been waiting for – Facebook sharing.

The Vine app on Android has been updated, and it now brings an important feature that many consumers have been waiting for. You can now use Facebook sharing directly through the app, no need to keep using alternative methods. The updated version of Vine also brings a lot of other features, improvements and bug fixes that make Vine on Android almost as good as Vine on iOS.

The update will also allow consumers to search for other users and hashtags, making it much easier to find people on the network. And along with improved search and Facebook sharing, the new update also brings a number of performance updates, which improve the overall speed and experience. There have also been improvements to capture speed, quality, and audio/video synchronization.

Thanks to all the hard work done by developers, we have a Vine app on Android that is as good as the one on iOS. The only big difference between the two is that the Android version still lacks the ability to capture videos from the front camera on your device. Once this feature gets added to the Android version, there will be harmony between both platforms.

Finally, if you haven’t downloaded the new version Vine yet, we suggest you head to the Google Play Store right away and check it out. Be sure to let us know what you feel about the new update.