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Apple iPhone 5S leaked images reveal internal hardware

Credits: MacRumors

Leaked images of the Apple iPhone 5S have appeared on the Internet. These images showcase the internal hardware arrangement on the device and also indicate that the soon to come iPhone 5S will have a design identical to the Apple iPhone 5.

According to the information provided by MacRumors, the site received a number of images that show the interior and rear shell of what the team thinks is the Apple iPhone 5S. These leaked images indicate that the Apple iPhone 5S will also have the same redesigned logic board, which appeared on the Internet a few days ago.

Apple iPhone 5S hardware
Credits: MacRumors

After analyzing these images, MacRumors listed out a number of interesting observations, which in a way confirm that this device is different from the iPhone 5. The observations pointed out that the logic board had a new layout for connectors and other components. Even the main chip on the device did not follow the typical naming convention used by Apple. So instead of having an A-series label like ‘Apple A6’ that is present on the iPhone 5, there was no label present at all.

There have been two more interesting observations regarding the numeric codes and values printed on the parts. First, a code on the bottom of the chip read ‘1243’ which according to MacRumors indicates that ‘the chip was manufactured in the 43rd week of 2012.’ The second interesting observation is that the Apple part number on the battery of this device happens to be ‘616-0652’ whereas the same part has numbers ‘616-0611 and 616-0613’ on the Apple iPhone 5. Even the battery on this new device has a capacity of 5.92 Whr compared to 5.45 Whr on the iPhone 5.


So all this sounds to be very interesting, but we could actually be stuck in a dilemma here. Because we do not know whether the device showcased in these images actually happens to be the iPhone 5S or an earlier prototype model of the Apple iPhone 5 instead.

Stay tuned as we gather more information about the Apple iPhone 5S.

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