Recently, there have been rumors saying that HTC is planning for a special version of its flagship device, the HTC One. This new HTC One will run Windows Phone 8 operating system instead of Android Jelly Bean.

Even though the smartphone market has been dominated by Samsung and its Galaxy S4, the HTC One has been getting a lot of attention. Even though the HTC One’s release was delayed, there have been a number of consumers still waiting to get their hands on the HTC One. And thanks to this popularity, HTC seems to plan another version of the HTC One.

Neowin reported that a trusted source has revealed that HTC is working on a new variant of its flagship device. So in a way, HTC will have not one but two flagship devices. And to add to the business opportunities, Windows Phone fans and consumers will have one new option to choose from.

The source also gave out some interesting information about this new HTC One. It is being said that there will be a number of differences between the original HTC One and this new version. HTC will be making a number of changes in order to make the device compatible with Windows Phone 8. The device will have a screen size of 4-5 inches.

If you think that this new HTC One will have a dual-core processor and 720p display just like the high-end Nokia Lumia devices, then you are in for a big surprise. The source told Neowin that the new HTC One will already have the Windows Phone GDR3 update, meaning that it will be able to run on a quad-core processor as well as have a full HD 1080p display.

It is also being said that HTC plans to add Beats Audio and the new Ultra Pixel camera to this device. Now it depends on whether Microsoft will be ready to make the necessary customizations for HTC. If these two companies do work together and come up with such a device, it will be announced later this year. And prices are out of questions for now.