Verizon now has a compelling reason to sign up for its unlimited data plan – free listening to Apple Music for an entire 6-months period. Verizon also said this just mark the beginning of their new-found partnership with Apple but declined to reveal what future goodies are in store for the Verizon customers.

The carrier meanwhile also stated the offer would be valid for both existing and new customers. Similarly, new and existing Apple Music subscribers will also qualify for the offer. That is not all as customers who might have already exhausted the three-month free option that Apple Music offers will also be able to take advantage of the Verizon offer. The offer starts Aug. 16 though no termination date has been specified yet.

All this no doubt is an effort to popularize the three unlimited data plans Verizon had announced earlier in the year. Anyone opting for any of the plans have the option to mix and match their options though the Apple Music offer will be equally applicable to subscribers of all the Unlimited plans.

The move to offer free access to Apple Music also makes a lot of sense for Verizon. While the free offer will act as a bait to lure in customers at the moment, six months of usage will also act to make the users become used to the service. And the same user group can then act as a huge customer base for Verizon to promote its other services that it comes up in future.

No doubt, other carriers too might be mulling something similar to remain in the reckoning. Also, no points for guessing, it is going to be Spotify that would be the first choice for any of the other carriers when formulating a similar offer. Or who knows, Apple Music might end up partnering other carriers to also offer something similar.

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Till then, its party time for Verizon customers with free Apple Music subscription for half a year, or nine months if the Apple Music offer of free three months of usage too is taken into account.


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