An Australian teen’s hacking skills which he used to repeatedly break into Apple’s secure systems has landed himself on the other side of the law. What is also sensational with the case is that the school going kid’s online antics remained undetected for over a year, until Apple detected the unauthorized intrusions and blocked him subsequently.

The teen whose real name is being withheld for legal reasons had also attained notoriety in the hacking community worldwide thanks to his superior hacking abilities. In fact, so well known the boy has grown to be that merely disclosing every aspect of the case will be enough to reveal his identity. That also is the reason the real name of the boy along with his other credentials are being kept under wraps to save him from undue risks.

However, what has complicated the case, even more, is that the teen had also downloaded 90 GB worth of secure files, besides also comprising customer records. Interestingly, the teen has been saving all his hacking details including instructions in a folder named ‘hacky hack hack’ on his Apple laptop. Apple, however, managed to detect his illegal ventures and went on to block him. The company also got in touch with the FBI to nail the culprit.

The case eventually got transferred to the Australian Federal Police who had conducted a raid on the kid’s suburban home in Australia. The raid revealed incriminating evidence including a huge trove of hacked info and other details which proved enough to initiate proceedings against the boy.

Two laptops were also recovered and seized, officials revealed. The IP address used to hack also matched with those that had intruded into the Apple secure systems. That is not all as even the serial numbers of the devices matched with those that had hacked into Apple’s secure servers. Among the other systems seized include a mobile phone as well as a hard drive.

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Interestingly, the school boy justified his acts stating he happens to be a huge Apple fan and dreams of working with the company in the future. However, that might still not be enough to save the kid from the clutches of law given how serious Apple is when it comes to protecting the privacy of its customers.


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